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Second Sunday of Pascha: Antipascha, St. Thomas Sunday

April 15, 2018

Sunday April 15, 2018 / April 2, 2018

Second Sunday of Pascha: The Sunday after Holy Ressurection of Christ is of St. Thomas, also known as Antipascha (“opposite” Pascha, i.e., at the other end of Bright Week). Historically, this day in the early Church was the day that the newly-baptized Christians removed their robes and entered once again into the life of this world.

This day is also known as Antipascha. This does not mean “opposed to Pascha,” but “in place of Pascha.” Beginning with this first Sunday after Pascha, the Church dedicates every Sunday of the year to the Lord’s Resurrection. Sunday is called “Resurrection” in Russian, and “the Lord’s Day” in Greek. The Orthodox Church dedicates every Sunday of the year to the Lord’s Resurrection starting on this Sunday, the eighth day of the Paschal celebration, the last day of Bright Week.

Divine Liturgy was celebrated at Lahore parish by Fr. Paul Sushil along with parishioners and in the homily, he explained why this Sunday is called Antipascha.

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